Airsoft Combat

Get into this amazingly realistic paintball-like war-game, where players use replicas of real guns that shoot 6 mm biodegradable pellets. 

Put your tactical skills to the test in this true to life combat strategy game, which is played out on a former Soviet army military base.

Airsoft is a fast paced live action adventure experience that is sure to get your adrenaline all pumped up. The setting is an abandoned military base with old derelict buildings and forested areas to provide good cover and a challenging terrain.  After reaching the game site your instructor will greet you and outline the game objectives, guidelines and provide instructions on how to handle the surprisingly life-like replica guns.

At this point you are free to organize your team and work out the strategies and tactics to best accomplish your objectives. The airsoft game consists of a series of mini battle scenarios, such as – securing an enemy occupied and protected building – capturing the opposing team’s flag and so on.

Your primary objective is to hit your enemies whilst avoiding getting hit yourself. The vigorous pace of each exciting battle will be sure to build up your emotions as the game progresses.

The electro-pneumatic guns are replicas of real military equipment which shoot 6 mm biodegradable bullets with surprisingly good accuracy and to a great distance. These small bullets leave no visible marks and produce only a slightly stinging sensation on impact. Since there is no trace record of scoring a hit then it is up to each player to be honest and declare being hit.

This role playing military game tests your reflexes, quick wit and aiming accuracy as you act out each mission and discover the true warrior that is hiding within you.

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