Shooting – Classic Package

Feel like you are in the movies and experience the thrill of handling and firing the most popular guns: pistol, revolver, assault rifle and shotgun.

This introductory package is a safe and fun way to try out 4 different types of firearms under the guidance of a professional instructor.

The classic shooting  package offers good value for those who have limited or no previous experience with firearms. Our professional indoor shooting range has highly qualified instructors who’s prime consideration is your health and safety. Protective glasses and hearing protection headsets are supplied before you embark on your shooting adventure in one of Europe’s best equipped shooting ranges.

Get a sense of security with the Smith and Wesson revolver which is designed for personal protection.

Imagine yourself in the role of an action movie hero as you save the day with your Glock pistol. The pistol’s laser sight projects an eerie red dot to help you pinpoint your target.

For the classic combat feeling try firing a few shots from an AK47 aka Kalashnikov, this legendary and renound assault rifle was standard issue for Soviet soldiers.

To top off your experience, feel the awesome power of yet another action movie hero favorite, the pump-action shotgun better known as the Roomcleaner. With this weapon, there is no fear of missing your target as the bullets spread out in a wide pattern and are certain to find their mark.

Your introduction to the world of shooting gives you a chance to experience different
shooting styles with a variety of classic firearms. With each pull of the trigger, the flash and roaring bang, followed by the smell of burnt gunpowder can make your visit a truly memorable one.

Important! You must provide a valid photo identification document that proves your legal name, date of birth and signature when signing in at the range. 

  • One of the largest selections of guns in Europe
  • No previous experience needed
  • Safety guaranteed
  • An English-speaking instructor
  • The shooting range is reserved exclusively for your group

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Please note, a minimum age limit of 16 years-old applies for participating in this activity. Important! You must provide a valid photo identification document that proves your legal name, date of birth and signature when signing in at the range. 

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  • by Léa / January 2024

    I had an amazing time at the shooting booth! I was on my own and I enjoyed the activity a lot. The driver who picked me up was very nice and gave me many recommandations for visiting Tallin and told me a bit of the country's history, which was very ... Read full story interesting. At first I felt quite impressed with the guys at the shooting booth but my instructor quickly made me feel safe. He was very nice and cheerful and all the explanations given were more than clear. He helped and guided me throughout the whole experience and I really had a lot of fun!!! I am actually very happy I chose this activity for myself which I know is unusual for a woman on vacation on her own. I most definitely recommend the experience, probably even more to groups of women because shooting guns in a lot of fun!!! No reason why women shouldn't get into it :) Let's make this a more "womanly" activity hahah If I ever get the chance to come back to Tallin with some friends, I'll make sure to have all of us pick a fun shooting package with Fun in Tallin.

  • by Wieger and Erik, January 2020
    It was a great experience to handle the various weapons that were offered by the shooting range. We can recommend every tourist to visit the shooting experience!