Indoor and Outdoor Activities in and around Tallinn

One way to get to know a country is to engage yourself with some fascinating activity. From our outdoor activities list you can choose among many various items to turn your visit to Estonia into a memorable event. Tallinn and Estonia have so much to offer – untouched nature, sea, bogs, forests and unforgettable views that you can enjoy in combination with adventurous activity.

Safari is the taste of adventure in the wild. In Estonia you can enjoy safaris in various ways. You can put your skills to the test on Quad Bike safari. You can enjoy driving during Off-road Jeep safari or take it to thrill with off-road GPS orienteering. In wintertime the Snowmobile safari is a good thing to do. All our safari tours are thrilling but safe, with top quality equipment and experienced instructors. Each safari takes place in its‘ unique atmosphere with nature surroundings that offer varying landscape, charming sights and good adrenaline rush.

Racing in Rally Park is another way to enjoy speed, action and get a memorable event into your travel journal. Curious enough, but peaceful Estonians have always enjoyed bit of a speedy race to spice up life. That’s why we have the biggest cross double rally track in the Baltics, where also you can try and test the joys of a race driver. Also you can test your speed-skills in Go karting. All racing packages include the help of the well-trained professionals and good quality equipment.

All outdoor trips are in a way challenging yet relaxing and by the end of the day you have spent some great time outdoors and enjoyed the fulfilment that active lifestyle offers.

If you want a taste of real excitement come and try shooting. For peaceful Estonians shooting is an enjoyable art and game. Thus you can find here amazingly comfortable shooting range with one of the largest collection of firearms. Classical AK-47 – the Kalashnikov, the favourite of James Bond – Walther P22 and the dream weapon from fiction and action movies – Desert Eagle.50 are just few most remarkable examples. Shooting has been made safe and easy – your safety is guaranteed by the best and most skillful instructors in Estonia. We offer different shooting packages. Have a once in a lifetime experience with our Deluxe Shooting package.  

We offer a good range of activities to develop your team skills. Enjoy a playful team building activity discovering Tallinn medieval old town with a camera during a Photo Hunt Game or a fun team game to test your balance and skills on ice – Curling.

For families a Dairy Visit & Food Tasting can be a fulfilling activity, educational and entertaining for children and adults alike. Taking part in activities and trying fun games during Viking Village Visit is captivating both young and old. And who doesn´t like friendly sled dogs and to experience winter fun on a dog sled ride at a local Husky Farm.

For beer lovers there is possibility to take a Medieval Beer Tasting tour or Pub tour to enjoy the nightlife in Tallinn. When looking for an entertainment in a homey social environment, take the dancing lessons from our talent Jene Walker. Who, besides showing you some dancing steps, can also entertain you with a short cooking lesson participating in our unique Cooking with Dancing Chef event.

Tallinn is beautiful city and the best way to make your trip even more memorable is to engage yourself with some truly unique activity. We can offer you a variety of interesting activities that will let you feel the pure fun and give you the special moments to remember.